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Elegant for its packaging, rustic for its handcrafted components, TimberWick™ is a great candle to light in the comforts of your home to help you unwind after a long day. Once lit, close your eyes and allow the candle to transport you...cozying up to a warm crackling fireplace. The crackling burn of the handcrafted TimberWick™ candle has a soothing and calming effect, almost hypnotic.

Other than the subliminal effects, these candles have the added benefits of clean burning, biodegradable soy blend, highly fragranced, no wick trimming necessary, and creating a wax pool faster than standard wick candles. As a renewable resource, TimberWick™ candles are perfect for an environmentally and health conscious home.

We have worked very hard to find only the best quality fragrances for each of our candles. Each candle is scented with five times the amount of fragrance recommended so that when your burning one of our candles it will fill up the room and have an exceptional scent throughout the life of the candle.

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In addition to quality fragrances chosen, thousands of hours were spent in the R&D department (click to view a burn test video). The approach of using wood rather than paper or cotton for the wick is a centuries old concept. We've revived the concept and brought the technology into the modern age by creating a wooden wick that currently has a patent pending. The uniqueness of this wick allows the candle to self-consume and produce a better overall burn.

Today not as many people have fireplaces. They may miss the simple pleasures they enjoyed when their family stoked up the fire on the hearth. Though the flame is smaller and doesn't afford the pretty embers that a fire in the fireplace does, TimberWick™ candles enrich the atmosphere of any room with its warm and comforting glow.

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